Inspirations for Clinical Sprinkles

I started my Instagram page over a year ago and was sharing my experiences with learning within the orthopedic residency and it was a mix of PT and fitness.

Not until the Coronavirus did I really buckle down and create a business out of this page to change my IG handle to @clinicalsprinkles.

The page has grown into a platform where I help pre-PTs, student PTs, and current DPTs to develop professionally and clinically.

As a pre-PT, I had a less than ideal application with a relatively low GPA and average GRE scores. My application was enhanced by my extracurriculars and personal statement. Hear my personal statement here. I have helped many others with their essays before creating this page and they have locked in their placement into their dream schools. I realized I have a talent for building an emotional connection with a reader and want to share this with others. Find out more about how I help with this here.

For student PTs, I have created resources to help prepare for clinical and what to look for in a job. I share my tips on my YouTube page and also on my website.

Throughout my 4 years of practicing as an outpatient PT,

I found myself saying, “wow, I wish I would have known about this sooner”

multiple times. So I’m sharing “clinical sprinkles” with you to help you stumble less and make progress with your patients sooner. Also, become a better communicator and listener. Both of which are essential skills for this job.

My inspirations come from my experience and my passion for helping others. I want to help others grow within this amazing profession and help build each other up.

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