Ever get stuck on a patient case and not sure what to do next? Or have a patient that doesn’t seem to be making the progress that you expected, despite having tried several options. Joining in one of these virtual sessions could be the next step.


I have participated in office hours for my orthopedic residency and I found it incredibly helpful to bring up patient cases with a group of other PTs outside of my clinic to gain a different perspective. It provides clarification and validation that you’re on the right track and can even give you new ideas through new approaches. 

How It Works

I would host an office hour with a small group of PTs where each person presents a brief synopsis of a patient case. I facilitate the session with questions and the group will help provide input on what may be helpful. This may include tests/measures to perform, clarification of a diagnosis, and/or how else to proceed with the patient case. 

If you decide that this is for you and once payment is received, I will send you a Google Meet link to access the meeting at the designated time.



$20 per session, approximately 1 hour duration

To Get Started

Next Virtual Office Hour is TBD! Message me on the “Contact Us” page with the message header as “Virtual Office Hour” to reserve your spot.

If you don’t see one that works for you, send me a message, so that we can figure out a solution!