Money Mindset Books for Beginners

Are you ready to start feeling in control of what the heck is going on with your money? If so, keep reading because I provide a list of the beginner books I started with and why they helped me.

I truly wish I would have started this sooner… I wasn’t turned on to books about money until my final year of PT school. One of my CIs assigned me to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book simplifies the basics about balancing your income to your expenses and your assets vs your liabilities. It was a great and easy book to read through to get your toes wet. It wasn’t until I read this book that I realized how little I knew about money and the concept of investing.

I’m under a mountain of student loans and I want to be able to set myself up for success for retirement and get ahold of my money now so I don’t feel guilty for my “fun” expenses/purchases. I hope these are helpful to you.


I’ll share a few other books I’ve read over the past 4 years that I recommend reading through. I’ll provide a brief synopsis about each book and why I liked each one. These will be listed in no particular order.


  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert KiyosakiThis book simplifies the concepts of money and terminology
    • It primes the mind for the idea of investing and how to start saving for a retirement fund and why start sooner rather than later
    • I liked this book because… It was easy to read. The concepts are introduced very well so that even a beginner (like me) could follow along.
  • Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins
    • Review concepts of HOW to make the most of your money with the use of compounding interest and how to make the best out of your retirement plans
    • The basics about taxes
    • How to divide your income into different “buckets” for different purposes
    • Ray Dalio’s All Seasons Portfolio Breakdown
      • Ray Dalio is a financial guru (who I hadn’t heard about until this book)
    • Wealth, not just financial but also emotional wealth
    • I liked this book because… it gave actionable steps and goals to target for setting up my retirement fund
  • Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
    • People are categorized into 4 different financial groups: the employee, self-employed, business owner, and investor
    • This is a great continuation of the Rich Dad Poor dad book that builds on the concepts of how to generally save and then this book goes into when you become a worker OR how you can make your money work for you
    • Money mindset concepts like: “live within or below your means so you can expand your means,” “business and investing are not risky, but being under-educated is.”
    • I liked this book because… it helped me understand where I’m at financially and where I want to go.
  • Profit First by Michael Michalowicz
    • If you’re a business owner or plan to be one, this book is a great resource on how to learn how to pay yourself first
    • Application of Parkinson’s law: you work with what you have, if you give yourself excess, you’ll end up using it
    • Strategies to destroy your debt
    • I liked this book because… I plan to be a clinic director someday and want to be able to apply financial savviness to my work and personal life. It gave a clear outline of how to allocate money in a business. 


Each time I read through a book, I take notes and save them for later to reference. The links above are affiliate links through amazon and I do receive a commission if you purchase from them. I would greatly appreciate your support if you bought through the links provided, but there is absolutely no pressure to buy at all. I just want to share the books that have helped me feel a little bit more in control of my financial status.

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